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Relocating and Restarting… finally!

First and foremost, our sincere apologies to our customers, friends, and families, that we have had the pleasure of doing business with for years.  We know you have wondered what happened to us, and why we have not been in touch. We owe you an explanation and we’re sorry that we have not said anything sooner.  We were located in the Seattle area for 30 years, our last shop was in Tukwila, close to Sea-Tac Airport, where we have been fortunate to have had many of you visit us to order a new suit or underwear, or you just stopped by to say “Hi!”.

The Tukwila Commerce Center was purchased by a California corporation, whose sole intention was to flip the property and resell it.  They came in, repaired the parking lot, painted the buildings, tore up the old landscaping to put in new, and then upped the rent almost 60%.  Tukwila is next-door to the home of the ever expanding Amazon empire, and the fastest growing commercial property market in the country. The new lease agreement was given to us, like all the other tenants, just before it was due to take effect.  So we only had three weeks to find a new facility, agree a new lease, and move everything.  We worked with a broker, but with dozens of other displaced businesses also looking, we could not find a building that would work for us, so we had no option, other than to put the business on hold for the 2018 season.

We are pleased to announce we are now up and running in a new location, and once again able to offer our Lady Eagle  “No-FlyZone” underwear, and driver’s accessories for women, of all ages and sizes.

All the best,    Katie Standley     425-677-3311



Welcome to Lady Eagle Safetywear!

Custom made garments for women in hazardous professions.  Protection is not optional.

As women enter hazardous professions they deserve safety equipment that will meet their need in specific areas.

It is necessary to think of the consequences of wearing everyday ladies underwear in a serious fire.  Nylon, plastic and metal all retain heat and/or melt, causing painful and unsightly burns.

Lady Eagle safety wear is designed specifically for women.  Each garment is made to your specific measurements for a custom fit that feels comfortable.


We’ve eliminated the fly and excess fabric in order to give your garments more shape for proper fit.  Careful attention is paid to detail making sure you will not only have a quality garment, but one that will offer you safety, style and support.

FYI – Before you buy…

SAFETY Alert: As manufacturers of safety apparel, we believe it is our responsibilty to do everything we can to provide you with a great product. We are continually researching and testing fabrics with SFI Laboratories to assure ourselves that we are using the safest fabrics and components for you driver’s suit and undergarments. We are now adding the US flag to the suits we manufacture, to signify that they are made here in the United States. We have signed an agreement with SFI Laboratories and are certified to manufacture products to certain standards. This also means that we must label (brand) the products that we produce in our shop, as being ours. We stand behind our products and we are proud to be making them here in the United States. It may cost more for us to do it here, but your safety and our peace of mind is worth it!!! God bless you and God bless America!

Made in the U.S.A…

Most of you know that we are located in Seattle, WA, and we manufacture the driver’s suits and underwear, in house. We have been contacted by some offshore companies, that would like to do the work for us. We maintain a high standard for safety and fit and will not compromise for the sake of a few dollars. For both Lady Eagle and Design 500, giving you a quality product is important to us. Your suit may cost more, but we stand behind what we make. No matter who you are or what you drive, you are all important to us and we will continue to do our best to give you the highest quality products, to assure you are safe!