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Relocating and Restarting… finally!

First and foremost, our sincere apologies to our customers, friends, and families, that we have had the pleasure of doing business with for years.  We know you have wondered what happened to us, and why we have not been in touch. We owe you an explanation and we’re sorry that we have not said anything sooner.  We were located in the Seattle area for 30 years, our last shop was in Tukwila, close to Sea-Tac Airport, where we have been fortunate to have had many of you visit us to order a new suit or underwear, or you just stopped by to say “Hi!”.

The Tukwila Commerce Center was purchased by a California corporation, whose sole intention was to flip the property and resell it.  They came in, repaired the parking lot, painted the buildings, tore up the old landscaping to put in new, and then upped the rent almost 60%.  Tukwila is next-door to the home of the ever expanding Amazon empire, and the fastest growing commercial property market in the country. The new lease agreement was given to us, like all the other tenants, just before it was due to take effect.  So we only had three weeks to find a new facility, agree a new lease, and move everything.  We worked with a broker, but with dozens of other displaced businesses also looking, we could not find a building that would work for us, so we had no option, other than to put the business on hold for the 2018 season.

We are pleased to announce we are now up and running in a new location, and once again able to offer our Lady Eagle  “No-FlyZone” underwear, and driver’s accessories for women, of all ages and sizes.

All the best,    Katie Standley     425-677-3311

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